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Add to the wonderful designs of today's electric Majestic fireplaces with a choice of built-on bookcases. They are specially designed with a custom look and choice of finishes to complement the models featured on this site. Look for hutch styling that is unique and space-saving or pillar cabinets that style horizontally. Decorative and functional, they will complete the focal warmth of a roaring fire with Majestic.

Majestic grilling food a piece of cake with this great gas grill. Perfect portable size with casters for mobility this gas grill is a haven for those who want to bring the campground experience home minus the trip to the great outdoors. Majestic with a simple to open door, easily clean and toast skewers and more with these items. View the many different possibilities available on this site.

Having over that special someone and having dinner by the Majestic fireplace will be sure to win their heart. Fireplaces have been made commonplace with many appearances in movies - and not to mention do it yourself home & garden shows. See what you're missing - try the elegance and splendor of a Majestic fireplace.

Majestic Fireplaces to set your life aglow. The snow drifts on a silent winter's night, illuminated only by the silver moonlight; pine and fir trees slumber under heavy white blankets. A small, winding stream lies under the stars frozen, wreathed in a gossamer shield of ice. Inside a small cabin, golden light pouring from its windows, a father reads to his daughters in his big chair in front of the roaring Majestic fireplace.

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A note about purchasing Majestic fireplace

If you are interested in purchasing this fireplace, take a few things into consideration. First of all - how long of a warranty period are you looking for? If you are looking for a fireplace that has a long manufacturer's warranty, then be sure you know what warranty period the fireplace you are buying has, before you buy it. Some fireplaces only have a one year manufacturer's warranty, meanwhile others may have a 5 or 10 year warranty. Some may even have a 20 year warranty or a lifetime warranty.

How to redeem a manufacturer's warranty for Majestic

Unfortunately we cannot help you to redeem a manufacturer's warranty on your fireplace. The only way to do this really is to talk to the manufacturer itself. We cannot do this for you. When you talk to the manufacturer, they may ask you for identifying numbers and the like from your fireplace. This could include serial numbers or other. Using these identifiers, the customer service reps will look up your fireplace and warranty to determine if it's under warranty or not.