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Have you recently purchased or installed a Dagan fireplace? Leave your feedback so we know how you have been enjoying your fireplace. We constantly add new makes and models of fireplaces to the site, and we are always
looking for what our site visitors have to say regarding the latest and greatest fireplace models.

There are many beautiful mantles out there for your Dagan fireplace. Whether you're trying to find one to go with the theme of your room, your paintjob, or what have you, we're confident you'll find a mantle for your Dagan fireplace that you like. In fact, for many, purchasing a mantle isn't because they "like" it - it's because they've fallen in love with the beauty of it. We hope you feel the same.

Dagan fireplaces add a real sense of beauty and decorum to your home. If you have a rustic theme going a Dagan fireplace will make an excellent addition.

You can choose to implement a Dagan fireplace in an existing theme or re-structure the theme of your room to match your new Dagan fireplace installation.

Are you still trying to decide what Dagan fireplace you want? Browsing through online image galleries of Dagan fireplaces may help you come to a decision on which one you should get. We have a number of Dagan fireplace pictures here on the site, so try browsing through them to determine what Dagan fireplace is right for you.

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A note about purchasing Dagan fireplace

If you are interested in purchasing this fireplace, take a few things into consideration. First of all - how long of a warranty period are you looking for? If you are looking for a fireplace that has a long manufacturer's warranty, then be sure you know what warranty period the fireplace you are buying has, before you buy it. Some fireplaces only have a one year manufacturer's warranty, meanwhile others may have a 5 or 10 year warranty. Some may even have a 20 year warranty or a lifetime warranty.

How to redeem a manufacturer's warranty for Dagan

Unfortunately we cannot help you to redeem a manufacturer's warranty on your fireplace. The only way to do this really is to talk to the manufacturer itself. We cannot do this for you. When you talk to the manufacturer, they may ask you for identifying numbers and the like from your fireplace. This could include serial numbers or other. Using these identifiers, the customer service reps will look up your fireplace and warranty to determine if it's under warranty or not.