Lennox 36 Inch Elite Stainless Outdoor Fireplace Lennox 36 Inch Elite Stainless Outdoor Fireplace

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Lennox 36 Inch Elite Stainless Outdoor Fireplace

The pleasure of an outdoor fireplace, the contemporary look of stainless steel, and the ease of ventless come together in elegant Elite Series EODG gas fireplaces. The stainless steel front face, top and bottom, as well as firebox parts, provide weather-resistance and complementary elegance.

Lennox 36 Inch Elite Stainless Outdoor Fireplace

Price : $1982 USD
Lennox 36 Inch Elite Stainless Outdoor Fireplace

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Lennox 36 Inch Elite Stainless Outdoor Fireplace

Lennox 36 Inch Elite Stainless Outdoor Fireplace Reviews

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