Monessen 18" Vent Free Charred Timber Gas Log Set Monessen 18" Vent Free Charred Timber Gas Log Set

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Monessen 18" Vent Free Charred Timber Gas Log Set

Logs come complete with Burner, Logs, Handheld On/Off Remote, and Lava Rocks. 18" logs - requires 26" across front, 18" across back, 13" deep, & 17" high firebox or fireplace.

Monessen 18" Vent Free Charred Timber Gas Log Set

Price : $589 USD
Monessen 18" Vent Free Charred Timber Gas Log Set

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Monessen 18" Vent Free Charred Timber Gas Log Set

Monessen 18" Vent Free Charred Timber Gas Log Set Reviews

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