Monessen 24" Vent Free Charred Timber Gas Log Set Monessen 24" Vent Free Charred Timber Gas Log Set

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Monessen 24" Vent Free Charred Timber Gas Log Set

Monessen 24 inch vent free gas log set in Charred Timber. Featuring the TRIPLE PLAY BURNER SYSTEM with exclusive triple effect technology producing a full random yellow flame, full depth ember bed and glowing logs. Includes handheld on/off Remote.

Monessen 24" Vent Free Charred Timber Gas Log Set

Price : $625 USD
Monessen 24" Vent Free Charred Timber Gas Log Set

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Monessen 24" Vent Free Charred Timber Gas Log Set

Monessen 24" Vent Free Charred Timber Gas Log Set Reviews

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