Ash Dragon Dustless Scoop Shovel Ash Dragon Dustless Scoop Shovel

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Ash Dragon Dustless Scoop Shovel

Introducing the Ash Dragon...finally, a safe, efficient and dustless method of removing ash and coals, whether hot or cold, from your fireplace or wood stove. Enjoy a dust free burning season. Ready for immediate shipment, order today and breath easier the next time you clean out your stove. The Ash Dragon is Shovel Ready- - made in the USA, with U.S. Steel, by U.S. citizens, and we have not received a single bailout or stimulus dollar from U.S. taxpayers.

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Price : $80 USD
Ash Dragon Dustless Scoop Shovel

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Ash Dragon Dustless Scoop Shovel

Ash Dragon Dustless Scoop Shovel Reviews

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